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Safe, efficient and effective railway systems are the lifeblood of a country, an economy and a region. At Railway Infrastructure Projects we pride ourselves on our world-class approach, superior technical skills, extensive experience, innovative approach and progressive expertise.

Our aim is to keep your business on track by providing optimum maintenance provision and performance.

Railway Infrastructure Projects provides railroad maintenance solutions which include both on-site rail maintenance for those clients requiring complete support, as well as rail equipment sales, for clients wishing to handle their own maintenance.

In a competitive and demanding environment, Railway Infrastructure Projects brings a wealth of specialised knowledge to the local railroad maintenance and infrastructure sector. It is our ambition to change the face of the Southern African railroad industry by offering internationally-comparable products service and expertise.

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The combination of our high-end product line, together with continuous technical development, ensures that our global industry knowledge is accurately and efficiently transferred and implemented on the African stage.

Our staff are expertly trained and equipped with the right skills to guarantee results. We provide products that are continuously being developed and improved to ensure that our customers remain at the forefront of this enterprising and evolving industry.

Our key strength lies in the international technical partnerships we have forged with leading global providers of railway technology and support. These strategic alignments unlock the door to future technological investments and advancements, which our clients can access through our local manufacturing facilities.

Our key strength lies in the international technical partnerships we have forged with the leading global providers of railway technology and support. These strategic alignments cut the path for Railway Infrastructure Projects clients’ to enjoy the advantage of future technological investment and advancement provided by our local manufacturing facilities.

Customer-centric solutions are at the forefront of our service delivery promise. Understanding the needs and requirements of our clients is paramount for building long-term relationships, while harnessing technology gives us the edge. Our range of mobile solutions gives our clients access to time-critical services.

Railway Infrastructure Projects boasts a trusted history and solid 12-year track record which provides a reliable and steadfast platform on which to build long-lasting client partnerships. This foundation supports a sustainable future in a rapidly developing local rail sector.

As a 100% black-owned business, which strives to conform to the requirements for black economic empowerment, we are driven to combine excellence with innovation. Our team boasts comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in the rail maintenance and equipment industry – a combination that is guaranteed to keep your rolling stock moving.

Railway Infrastructure Projects


Safety is paramount in our business. We adhere strictly to the highest industry standards and obsessively check our own policies and procedures.


Every project is underpinned by the highest level of quality and attention to detail.


International technical partnerships put us at the vanguard of innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Railway infrastructure does not rest, and neither do we. Our team prides itself on responsiveness and clear communication.

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South Africa’s vast railroads and related infrastructure require constant maintenance to ensure effciency, safety and the upkeep of solid foundation. With maintenance crews pushed to the limit both for time and manpower, we reassure our clients of a partnership they can trust – to certify that heavy duty maintenance is completed safely and to the highest standard.

Our extensive range of vigorous railway products and equipment extends to:

  • Perway Tools and Equipment
  • Road Rail Vehicles
  • Shunters
  • Flash Butt Welding
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
With Railway Infrastructure Projects you are assured of leading sales support service and an effective contractual maintenance partner dedicated to delivering a slick, safe and reliable service.

In addition, our expertise extends to the following specialities:

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