Grinding Equipment

Rail surface defects may be an increasingly common problem on railway lines around the world, but this does not make it any less serious. Common rail surface defects result in increased maintenance costs for operators, with the lifespan of a rails being ultimately reduced – which is bad for business. Railway Infrastructure Projects provides high speed grinding equipment to assist clients with a number of essential railway maintenance applications to keep your wheels turning smoothly.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection 

This safe and non-invasive form of testing is sensitive and extremely successful at picking up even the deepest internal flaws in railroad parts. Railway Infrastructure employs expert technicians with the experience and knowledge required to differentiate acceptable anomalies from dangerous faults with the possibility of causing serious hazards.

Flash Butt Welding

Railway Infrastructure Projects can provide this vital resistance welding service at the site you need it most. Railway Infrastructure Projects will provide the mobile machinery that allows rails to be forged together using heat and force alone. This means there is no need for any filler metal, which saves you both money and time.