These vehicles are an essential part of a successful maintenance of way programme. Railway Infrastructure Projects provides a collection of these vehicles to assist clients, no matter their situation.

Vegetation Control RRV’s

Vegetation on or around rail infrastructure may not seem as a deterrent, but grass, reeds and other vegetation can be a serious safety hazard on functioning railways. Railway Infrastructure Projects provides Vegetation Control RRVs to clear any vegetation that may be obstructing our clients’ railways, keeping the tracks clear and safe.

Bridge Inspection RRV’s

A vital part of any railway, bridges are often a safety concern as their positioning can make close inspection difficult. Railway Infrastructure Projects provides clients with railroad vehicles that can be used to assess the safety and structural integrity of railway bridges from below so that you don’t have to worry about the security of your trains and passengers.

Rescue RRV’s

Although not planned for, emergencies can happen. When they do, Railway Infrastructure can provide their clients with swift and crucial support in the form of Rescue RRV’s which are essential in situations such as derailments, and clear tracks to prevent further incident.

Snow Blower RRV’s

Railway Infrastructure Projects provides these RRV’s that are used to clear railroads of snow that can cause danger and even derailment in extreme cases.